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Dr Liz Fernandez DVM, CVA

    Is it Time?

    This is one of life’s most challenging decisions.
    There are many factors that enter into this decision. Trying to sort through the facts, emotions, other peoples opinions, etc can be frustrating, confusing, and or overwhelming. There are a few basic guidelines that have been developed to help you get a sense of your loved ones quality of life. These rarely tell the whole story. The decision is much more nuanced than adding up a score to indicate if there is “sufficient quality of life” to continue.
    Ultimately it is your decision, no one else's. It s a decision that comes from the deepest loving place within you.
    There is no “objective” right or wrong.

    By listening to the deepest place within yourself you begin to feel an inner guidance leading you.
    There are many unknowns during this process. My aim is to shed some light on some of those unknowns. Others no one will ever know for sure. That is when it can be very helpful to relax and surrender into the mystery that is unfolding.

    It is my intention to support you through this process.

    If you find yourself in this dilemma please contact me for a phone or in person consultation.

    Fees for Phone Consultation:
    first 1/2 hour no charge
    $50 per 1/2 hour for any portion thereof after the initial 1/2 hour.

    Fees for in Home Consultation:
    (includes consult, exam (less than or equal to 1.5 hours) and housecall less than or equal to 30 miles from my home)

    What does the final journey entail?

    This is obviously one of the most difficult aspects of loving a pet.
    My goal is to partner with you to the create the most peaceful environment for your loved one and you.
    Most importantly I want you to feel that you are in control of the events. I will not proceed with any step until it is clear everyone present is ready.
    The first step is to give an injection under the skin that will lightly anesthetize your pet. During the entire event I encourage all who wish, to stay close to and talk to your furry loved one. After about 10-20 minutes the second injection can be given. This injection is given into a vein and will stop the breathing, usually before I finish the injection, and stop the heart within a minute or less of finishing the injection. They are lightly anesthetized before starting this injection so they do not feel anything.
    I invite you to call my office. I will spend as much time as is needed answering any questions or concerns you may have. Since this is such an intimate journey I appreciate having the opportunity to get to know a bit about you and your pet too .
    Dr. Liz is available to perform in home euthanasias days, after hours, holidays and weekends as needed. ***

    Minimum fee is $300; addition charges may apply for after hours and or urgent needs.

    Please Note:

    This fee does not include care of remains. Below is a list of crematories that will provide caring and compassionate pick up at your home (or the option of you bringing your pet to them.)

    Guardian Animal Aftercare (my # 1 preference)
    818-768-6465 (Tell them Dr. Fernandez referred you)
    11173 Tuxford Street
    Sun Valley, Ca 91352
    Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park (SOPHIE) (they do burials too)
    5068 N. Old Scandia Lane
    Calabasas, Ca. 91372
    Cal Pet Crematory
    9595 Glenoaks Blvd.
    Sun Valley, Ca. 91352-1538
    Peaceful Pets Aquamation
    (805) 410-3880
    1111 Rancho Conejo Blvd
    Unit 301
    Newbury Park CA 91320

    If Dr. Fernandez is not available she personally recommends the following veterinarians who also perform in home euthanasias
    Dr. Jessica Spitzer
    Lap of Love Euthanasia

    Dr. Brad Patterson
    At Home Veterinary Care

    Dr. Sheryl Fulop
    In Home Pet Vet

    Dr Sharon Gold
    A Housecall Vet & Acupuncture
    (805) 905-9017

    Dr. KaLee Pasek

    Dr Sally Lane, DVM

    Dr. Karen Kelly
    In Home Vet